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BabyMed NZ is proudly the NZ distributor of Ameda Hospital Grade and Personal Breast Pumps and products for sale and rental.

We are passionate about breastfeeding and supporting women to provide breast milk for their babies. Our Ameda pumps and products are BFHI (Baby Friendly) and have proven efficacy in milk output and comfort.

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Breast Pump Rentals

If you are needing a breast pump if your baby is not yet feeding well, your milk supply needs support,you need to maintain your supply if baby is unable to feed, or you want an effective pump for maintaining your milk supply when going back to work, our Ameda Elite hospital grade pumps to rent are an excellent option for you.

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Breast Pump & Product Sales

BabyMed is proud to promote and provide Ameda Breast Pumps and Products for our NZ hospitals, Maternity units and Birth centres, Health professionals and our wonderful new mums precious babies. Check out our range of Hospital Grade and Personal Breast Pumps and Products we provide and email or call us to enquire re price list […]

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