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Ameda Platinum Breast Pump

Introducing the Ameda Platinum Breast Pump, the perfect combination of advanced technology and the time-proven benefits of our SMB™ Breast Pump. Superbly efficient, it is the one-of-a-kind, customized solution for both clinicians and mothers.

Introducing the Ameda Platinum Breast Pump, the perfect combination of advanced technology and the time-proven benefits of our SMB™ Breast Pump. Superbly efficient, it is the one-of-a-kind, customized solution for both clinicians and mothers.


To achieve its comfortable, smooth feel, the Ameda Platinum breast pump uses an internal rotating piston. This durable mechanism is similar to the piston used in the original Ameda SMB™ pump. The piston creates a waveform that represents how suction builds, peaks, and releases during pumping. This rhythmic waveform has been shown to be the most effective for milk production for preterm and full term infants.

Only found in the Ameda Platinum pump, VacuSense™ Technology provides consistent suction during single and dual pumping and varying altitudes.


With independent controls, mothers can customize their pump settings to their own body’s response and achieve multi-phase pumping.

Babies change sucking speed to achieve multiple milk ejections during a breastfeeding session. Using the Ameda Platinum pump, mothers can also adjust their speed higher to help trigger multiple milk ejections and lower to help drain the breast several times while pumping.

Also, research has shown pumping at your highest comfortable suction setting yields more milk. The Ameda Platinum lets mothers adjust suction during a pumping session. This flexibility allows a mother to pump at her own personal comfort level.

Speed Range: 30-80 cycles per minute (cpm), in increments of 1 cpm

Suction Levels: 30-250 mmHg, in increments of ~2.2 mmHg

This precision offers over 5,000 unique setting combinations.


Our Proven Airlock Protection™ is the world’s only proven protective barrier to help protect breast milk and the baby from bacteria, mold and viruses while pumping.

The Ameda Platinum Pump is designed and tested for durability in clinical settings. The Ameda Platinum Breast Pump uses the same preassembled collection kit as all other Ameda electric breast pumps. Keep inventory and training simple by using the same kit for all Ameda electric pumps.

For easy trouble-shooting, a Clear Message Display indicates if service is required or if the HygieniKit ® Milk Collection System is not properly attached.

The Platinum Pump has an integrated handle and it can be attached to an Ameda Trolley for safe, secure transport in clinical settings. The pump can easily be cleaned with hospital-approved antibacterial cleaner, such as Cavicide

Ameda sales specialists provide personalized in-servicing and educational materials to support clinicians and mothers


With three Easy-to-Read LCD Screens, moms can return to their own preferred settings day and night. A built-in timer makes following pumping schedules and protocols easier. The pump automatically shuts off after 60 minutes.

The Soft Touch Control Panel has an intuitive design with easy to locate settings and power buttons. The suction control is displayed in percentage units of 1-100% rather than mmHg. Graphical elements change as mothers increase or decrease their speed or suction setting.

Built-in Dual Bottle Holders securely hold most standard bottles upright on top of the pump. For milk bags or smaller containers, the breast flange can be placed in the bottle holders to help prevent spills.

Ameda Pearl Breast Pump

Ameda Pearl Hospital Grade Breast Pump, Powerful Performance in the Hospital and Home.

Combines powerful performance inside with a protective shell on the outside. Pearl is designed to build milk supply amongst pump-dependent, late preterm and term moms. Pearl’s modern design combines the durability needed for the multi-user/hospital environment with lifestyle features moms expect. Pearl will serve the needs of hospitals and is the ideal multi-user product for milk banks and rental stations. Pearl is perfectly positioned to support continuity of care in the Hospital and Home.

Ameda Pearl – Proven Hospital Grade Pumping

  • Proven: Over 90% of moms surveyed were highly satisfied with Pearl
  • Powerful: Hospital Grade / Multi-User Performance with two modes of pumping
  • Portable: Lightweight with rechargeable battery and integrated handle
  • Smart: Vacusense™ Technology ensures consistent vacuum performance in varying altitudes or changing atmospheric conditions Ameda® Pearl™ Hospital Grade Breast Pump
  • Comfortable: Fully customizable expression mode with 72 possible combinations of speed and suction settings
  • Durable: Protective housing designed for easy cleaning between users; 3-year limited warranty
  • Whisper Quiet: Discreet pumping anywhere
  • Safe: Compatible with Ameda’s Universal HygieniKit™, the only FDA-cleared closed system pump kit proven to protect against contaminants like bacteria, viruses and mold growth

Ameda Mya Joy Breast Pump

Ameda Mya Joy Hospital Strength Portable Electric Breast Pump

When moms need a reliable pump with versatile features, safety, and comfort, they choose the Mya Joy. This hospital-strength breast pump offers the best value for moms who are looking for a convenient pumping experience with adjustable settings for single or double pumping. Powerful , lightweight and quiet, the Mya Joy also features the world’s only FDA-cleared pump kit that helps protect breast milk from contaminants, known as the HygieniKit. This pump delivers on the ultimate promise of comfort for pain free pumping by offering a wide range of settings, mom-friendly features, and flange sizes. Whether pumping on-the-go, at home or at work, Mya Joy offers pumping without compromise with its travel-ready size that’s compact, light and portable.

Key Features

  • Hospital strength performance with two modes of pumping
  • Battery-operated, lightweight, and clips right onto a waist band, purse pocket, or favorite yoga pants
  • Wide range of suction and speed settings, functions, and flange sizes
  • Operates at less than 45dB and allows for discreet pumping anywhere
  • Ameda’s HygieniKit true closed system not only helps protect breast milk from backing up into the tubing but also prevents the system from potential contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and mold growth

Technical Features

  • Hospital strength performance
  • Up to 250 mmHg suction strength
  • Large, backlit digital LCD display
  • Timer display easily tracks pumping time
  • Smart auto power off after 45 minutes
  • 2-phase adjustable suction modes:
  • Stimulation (6 Levels) & Expression Mode (12 Levels)
  • 2-minute auto switch to Expression Mode
  • Adaptable for single or double pumping
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries or AC adapter
  • Features Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System
  • Compatible with Ameda’s CustomFitTM Flange System
  • 2-year limited warranty with Ameda ParentCare Support

Package Includes

  • Ameda Mya Joy Breast Pump
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Dual HygieniKit® Milk Collection System
  • CustomFit™ Flanges (25mm, 28.5mm)
  • (2) Extra Valves (for HygieniKit)
  • (2) Extra Diaphragms (for HygieniKit)
  • Instructions for Use

Breast Pump Rentals

If you are needing a breast pump if your baby is not yet feeding well, your milk supply needs support,you need to maintain your supply if baby is unable to feed, or you want an effective pump for maintaining your milk supply when going back to work, our Ameda Elite hospital grade pumps to rent are an excellent option for you.

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